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kpop muse search

Personal Story Line

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Kpop muse search


This is a place for you to find other muses outside of communities. May it be for love/fun.


1. We have an anonymous post, you're free to use the form but you don't have to.
2. No advertising communities.
3. Always be nice, if you don't like the post, don't comment.
4. Tag your post with your muse name.(Does not apply for the ANON post.)
5. Use the offical form while posting an ad. (Does not apply for the ANON post.)
Copy(See below) and paste it in the HTML box.


~ PSL = personal story line.
(Role Play privately between 2 or more muses outside of a community.)

~ For all who's looking for some RP action outside of communities.

~ Boundless possibilities.

~ No drama, unless you make it on your own.


You can always mail me with questions and suggestions.

-Kinky kpop muse search-

Our Kinky/smut muse search comm ^^ kinkymusesearch


We're not very original so we got the idea from kpopwantads